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Writer. Author. Thinker. Storyteller.

My goal is with this novel is to touch one heart, one mind, one soul. I share my most fragile moments, my life experiences, hardship, hurt and pain. If my thoughts which form words, build sentences turn into paragraphs that morphs to chapters can be shared with one heart one mind one soul to change perception, permanently implemented into one persons life for good, then I accept that this is  why God had chosen me to be a blessing in someone’s life.



Check out my latest published book. After spending countless hours working up to its release, I’m proud to announce that it’s finally ready. Creative, heartfelt, and filled with excitement, Faith Enhances Freedom is the book for you. We all go through hardships but it's time to break the chain loose and bring forth our VICTORY!



Natalie Phipps’ 2011 accident changed her entire life, teaching her to look inside and out, and giving her the strength to encounter and experience what she hadn’t known life could throw at her. She has a strong desire to motivate and encourage people around the world to love and to live life. Natalie hopes each of us can become a blessing in someone’s life, communicate with the spiritual room, and have the faith necessary to move forward, rather than sitting down. If she touches one heart, one mind, one soul, her goal will be achieved.
Natalie lives in Toronto, Ontario, with her spouse and her twelve-year-old cat, Sasha. She hopes her writing, and the spiritual signs to which she has been exposed, will restore confidence in readers around the world, particularly those who need encouragement and motivation in Jesus’ name.

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Toronto, ON, Canada